For great Entertainment

Code of Practice


The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us. For this reason our equipment is inspected on location by our technicians and staff on a daily basis and our attendance to call-outs is within 3 hours.

When installing a ride we employ best practices by ensuring our rides are at least one meter away from centre voids and this is checked during our regular inspections.

“Creeping “ of the rides is overcome by the use of our specially designed inverted cups to secure the rides in their correct position.

Cables are always neatly coiled and tied under the rides. Where power is not accessible directly below the ride, velcro secured low profile cable covers are used to secure the cable to the floor leading to the power source.

Faulty plug sockets are immediately reported to centre management and the rides switched off until attended to.

Star Entertainment maintains substantial public liability insurance, a copy of which is included in our lease contract and is available on request.


Children’s rides by nature are prone to more then their fair share of food spillage and sticky fingers.

To address this our dedicated teams of technicians and cleaning staff are well trained and continually moving from centre to centre 7 days a week ensuring each and every ride is always in pristine condition.

We know how important it is to present safe, reliable, clean and well maintained rides to your shoppers and our customers which is why we make this a top priority.


Our specially designed “Customer Service Kits” are left at every information desk in every centre. These kits contain our contact details, refund claim forms, out of order signs and coins. These are provided for :

  • Giving change to customers
  • The rare occasion a ride is out of order to give a refund to the customer
  • Ensuring every desk has our contact details in case of breakdown