For great Entertainment


Star Entertainment has the largest range of quality amusement and children’s rides on offer in Malaysia.


As well as offering a large range of generic high quality rides, we have exclusive rights to a broad range of quality character rides such as Bob the Builder, Barney and the Sesame Street range of characters.

These licensed characters not only provide shoppers with an interactive experience with their favourite characters, but help promote related products sold within your shopping centre.


Our extensive range of carousels are hugely popular and we try to ensure we include one in every centre we have our rides. Our carousels become a destination for your little shoppers helping to draw them to your centre.


We don’t just take care of your little shoppers, we provide amusement for the adults too.

Our fun range of scales come with height meters, give out horoscopes and even talk to you!

The “love Test” will tell you if you are “hot stuff” or a “dead fish” and the “Mouth of Truth” will give you an in-depth readout of your fortune and lucky numbers.